May 2012

posted Jun 3, 2012, 8:54 AM by FBC Putney



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The Safe Room

A tornado-proof room in homes being rebuilt by Samaritan's Purse is a picture of the safe and secure nature of Jesus' love.

Celebrating Success

A village in Kenya throws a party to thank Samaritan's Purse for a water and sanitation program.



Moving Forward in Joplin

A year after a massive tornado hit Joplin, Samaritan?s Purse is rebuilding homes for families in desperate need.


Help a Child
Learn About Jesus

In countries throughout the world, students are graduating from The Greatest Journey, an exciting discipleship program provided by Operation Christmas Child, and becoming faithful followers of Jesus Christ.


A Place of Healing

A new Samaritan's Purse program provides physical and spiritual rejuvenation for wounded U.S. military service members while sharing the healing love of Jesus Christ.


Joy Turns to Tears, 
But Faith Endures

Slum children in Nepal who received Operation Christmas Child gift boxes find hope in Christ after their homes and church are destroyed.