November 2012

Post date: Oct 29, 2012 10:07:26 PM

From the Shepherd's Heart

November is going to be a busy month for us here at Putney. Obviously, we think of Thanksgiving and hopefully reflect on the many blessings God has granted us this past year. For we know that “all good things come from God”.

One way to show gratitude to our Heavenly Father is to serve Him. That brings me to our events for the month of November. First is Saturday, November 10th - a Backyard Bible Club that morning - a children’s ministry activity. We would love to reach kids in the community not active in our church. Later that day we will have a Cookout/Reachout - in which we have previously mailed out invitations to a set number of homes in our community inviting them to our church for a meal and chance to meet our church members. We hope to do this several times with different sections of our community in hopes that we can meet our neighbors and introduce them to our church and inform them to our activities, but especially to our Lord. Acts 1:8 tells us to be Christ’s witness first in Jerusalem - their community. We need to be obedient in this and reach our church’s “Jerusalem”!

There are many opportunities for service - most importantly to pray for these upcoming activities and the lives of those we are hoping to reach. I am excited about what the Lord may do in these upcoming events.

On a personal note, November is also exciting for Ms. Jenny and I as we leave for Haiti on a mission trip the week after Thanksgiving. There will be five other people that we will be traveling and ministering with in Haiti. We all would appreciate your prayers as we go. We will be taking extra suitcases with food for the children. Several have expressed an interest in helping with the cost of the food or funding a child’s food/education for a year. So, there are many things to anticipate and pray over. I am so grateful to be sharing this activity with our church family.

In Christ,

Brother Tab